How To Tell If You Ate Too Much On Thanksgiving, In One Chart

The short answer: You didn't.

The Super Bowl of holiday meals has once again arrived, which means mouthwatering side dishes, desserts and wine. Oh, and turkey. Lots of turkey.

Of course, one of the side effects of such a large (and delicious) meal is the post-consumption guilt that often leaves you wondering, "Did I eat too much?"

But fear not: We've created this handy essential guide that breaks down whether or not you ate too much at the Thanksgiving table and provides a simple solution. Check it out below:

Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post

Let us repeat that: Going a little overboard on Thanksgiving isn't going to make your weight skyrocket or damage your health.

There are 364 other days' worth of meals to be mindful of, don't let one dinner bring you guilt.

"Even if you ate more this Thanksgiving than you ever have in a single day in your entire life, the likelihood of you gaining more than a pound -- or even that -- would be unlikely," Scott Kahan, director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness, previously told HuffPost. "Worst case scenario, you really haven't done much damage when it comes down to it. You haven't ruined your whole health and weight path."

So go on and pass the mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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