Native Americans endured racism, oppression and new diseases brought by the European settlers -- a history that can't be ignored, some descendants say.
The infectious diseases expert said his own family's Thanksgiving is "going to look very different this year" because of the coronavirus.
Retail experts say the Arkansas-based company's decision is an early sign of how the coronavirus will impact Black Friday shopping.
Lonnie Dench died from COVID-19 on Sunday, stranger-turned-friend Jamal Hinton announced on Twitter.
Most people made it through dinner without fighting about anything else, either.
At a rally in Sunrise, Florida, President Donald Trump declared that he will help bring the word “thanksgiving” back, just like he did for Christmas.
The substitute teacher reportedly told the 11-year-old it was wrong for two men to live together.
The reporter says an editor waited hours to update her story with news of the president's surprise visit to Afghanistan.
The site's hourslong outage spurred social media outrage, prompting the store to extend its deals.
"I just feel my life has been enriched since he’s come into it,” Wanda Dench said of Jamal Hinton.