Oops, we all do it. But here's what food safety experts say.
Brian Beals, 57, was freed Tuesday after a judge vacated his conviction and dismissed all charges.
The officers eventually used a dog snare to get the deer out of the classroom, and it soon fled the building the same way it got in.
"You like my outfit?" the country music star asked cheering fans during her halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Commanders game.
The president's family enjoyed the holiday in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where temperatures dipped to 45 degrees.
Though Stewart said she "gave up" on her own holiday feast, she still whipped up 30 pies and a bird for friends and family.
Demonstrators were arrested after jumping barricades and gluing themselves to New York's 6th Avenue.
Doctors dispel the myth that turkey is what tires you.