Prosecutors argued this week that Mark Redwine killed his 13-year-old son, Dylan, over the photographs.
"The world turns, and each morning brings you gifts of the life that continues," the first lady wrote in an emotional essay published in Oprah Daily.
The actor shared the "disgusting" behind-the-scenes of how she put her Thanksgiving dinner to work.
The nation’s unwillingness to tamp down on travel offered a warning as virus deaths and hospitalizations hit new highs a week after Thanksgiving.
Health officials fear the crisis will be even worse in coming weeks, after many Americans ignored pleas to stay home over Thanksgiving.
Michael Hancock hopped on a nonessential flight despite telling Denver residents to do what they could to stop the spread of COVID-19.
A moving average of confirmed new cases offers a better picture of how each state is trending. The answer is not good.
The result could be potential dips in reported infections that offer the illusion that the spread of the coronavirus is easing.
Reddit users weren't kidding around with their reworkings of the president's Thanksgiving scene.