25 Products So Effective Amazon Reviewers Have Literally Called Them "Unbelievable"

These are their words, not ours.

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A pack of collagen eye masks
Promising review: "Unbelievable results. When I received the product, I was bummed it looked like a wet, very thin makeup remover pad. I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try — WOW, I couldn't believe the results. I have bags under my eyes which just came about in about a year. I'm 54 years old and saw nice results with this product. Well, I'm so very glad I took a chance and bought them. In a few days, my bags are all but gone. I use it three times a week. However, after just the first try, I was amazed how it made my eyes look young again. I am now a life member of this product. 😘" — C.A. Barotti
A 10-foot-long set of under-cabinet lights
Promising review: "Unbelievable. This was for about eight feet of undercounted space in my office. This product is amazing. Other lights go for so much more, yet this took under 10 minutes to install, and the light it gives off is more uniform than if I had put strip lights. The touch on/off works really well, too. I opted for the warm white lights." — Amazon customer
A pack of 42 flexible curling rods
Promising review: "These are the best curling rods I have found. The quality is unbelievable, and they are super easy to use. They stay put and don't slip out even in thin, fine hair like mine. I can achieve so many different looks with this set, tight curls or loose beach waves (my favorite). All of the different sizes of curlers make my hair styles look more natural. They come exactly as shown, and the storage case is a nice quality." — Kate Gray
A toilet bowl ring remover
Promising review: "UNBELIEVABLE! This thing is awesome. I could not believe how well it worked. I wish I had known about this product years ago. I give it an 11 out if 10." — S. Wessel
A brown sugar bear to help loosen up hard clumps in your brown sugar jar
Promising review: "It's unbelievable. I had super low expectations, but man, was I wrong. I followed the instructions and left the bear in ROCK HARD brown sugar. As in rock hard, sitting in my pantry for months and months. I checked it four days after, and it's soft again. I mean if that isn't 5/5 stars, I don't know what is." — Alla
A set of two reusable mop pads that are compatible with Swiffer Wet Jets
Promising review: "We’ve been using the disposable pads and had just mopped the floor the day before these arrived. So, we mopped again. Unbelievable how much dirt these new pads picked up that was left behind. And you can launder them!" — Wayne Ward
A six pack of Keurig-cleaning cups
Promising review: "Always have a difficult time cleaning the head section of my Keurig. First couple of times I used the pod, the amount of crud that came out was unbelievable — all leftover. Now, it's just minimal, and it's not in my coffee. Use it once a week. Great product. Highly recommend." — PRODG
A rust-stain remover
Promising review: "This is magic in a bottle. I had a bad rust stain. My sister suggested this as CLR didn’t even touch the stains. I added 1/2 cup, scrubbed with a brush, and let sit for 12 hours. It was sooo much better!! Did the same thing again except waited 24 hours, and it’s almost perfect now!! Saved me from buying a new toilet bowl. The smell is strong so I used a mask, but the results are unbelievable!! I did order a pumice stick as there is one 3-inch rust stain just above the water line that I am going to try and remove with that, but Iron Out is a miracle!!" — Lizzz
A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets
These tablets are designed to penetrate, dissolve, and remove odor-causing residue that accumulates inside your dishwasher over time, as well as remove lime and mineral buildup. Using Affresh tablets once a month can prolong the life of your dishwasher and make it more effective at doing its actual job: cleaning your dishes.

Promising review: "My dishwasher was broken until I used these to correct the problem. It's unbelievable how these work. My dishwasher wouldn't complete a cycle without leaving standing water in the bottom. I tried everything to solve the problem and had completely stopped using the dishwasher. I stumbled across these completely by luck and thought I'd give them a try. I used two and ran a cycle with an empty dishwasher, and unbelievably, when the dishwasher finished the cycle, not only was there no water standing, the inside of the dishwasher was spotless! I couldn't believe my eyes, and I couldn't be happier that I now have a dishwasher I can use again. I will use once a month to keep my dishwasher running smoothly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these; they are remarkable." — Gerry Stormer
A pack of washing machine tablets
THAT came out of a washing machine?! Like, how? Pls explain.

Promising review: "Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner tabs — I have never cleaned my washer before after six years of ownership. OMG!! The funk that came out was unbelievable! I didn’t realize that I’d have to wipe away the gunk from the basin, so at first I thought I had ruined my washer. I wiped it out and ran on cleaning cycle again, and more gunk came out! Had to do it three times and then do another rinse cycle. Unbelievable!" — Stacey
A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets
These tablets put in all the elbow grease so you don't have to. No scrubbing, stirring, or washing — simply drop them in your bottle with some water, and *poof* all the bacteria and grime are gone. They're also biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe.

Promising review: "This stuff is unbelievable! I’ve used my coffee thermos just about every weekday for around a year now, drinking black coffee so my thermos was basically black. I figured this stuff would make it like a thinner black, maybe cut it to brown, but after soaking for just a couple hours, my thermos was shiny and silver again, like brand new. I am still in awe at how well it worked. Cheap, too, especially assuming I’ll only have to use it maybe once a month to keep it clean. I will be recommending it to everyone at the office." — Brandon Bogert
A bottle of red wine stain remover
Promising review: "Unbelievable. Spilled half a glass of red wine at my bedside. Two deep stains and splatters. Used this product twice per instructions and pat pat pat. Went to pink. Poured hydrogen peroxide at the end. Today, you CANNOT see any stains on the beige carpet. I’m blown away. Not sure peroxide was needed. I’d suggest waiting for hours and let it do its work!" — gjasmine
A portable Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery cleaner
Promising review: "This little green guy is incredible! I don't usually write reviews, but I was so impressed with this product that I just had to. I was skeptical when it first arrived because it was so small. But don't be fooled. This thing has tremendous suction power. I bought my car brand new four years ago when my two kids were pretty little. So, needless to say, they destroyed the back seat. So much so, that I was afraid to let anyone but the kids sit back there. Well, my kids are now old enough not to make a mess, so I thought it was time to clean up back there. The Bissell did an incredible job, and my seats now look brand new! I only wish I had taken before and after pictures because it's pretty unbelievable how well it worked. I would recommend this product to anyone a thousand times over! I can't wait to try it on my furniture and rugs!" — Hollie S.
A handy clothes folding board
Promising review: "Omg I cannot express in words how incredible this product is. I did my closet and my husband’s in just a few hours. My husband has an endless collection of motorcycle rally T-shirts. I cannot believe I didn’t find this item 30 years ago!!!!" — Fleur"
A bottle of Lash Princess mascara
Promising review: "I have used every high-end and drugstore mascara out there. This is hands down the best mascara around, and the price is unbelievable. It does not smudge, does not flake, does not irritate my sensitive eyes, no raccoon eyes at the end of the day, stays put during and after workouts. It also removes easily in the shower with cleanser or makeup remover. I will never be tricked into overpaying for mascara again; this stuff is the real deal and is my new holy grail mascara. It makes my short, nubby lashes look like falsies. BUY IT." — Michelle D.
A bottle of Feed-N-Wax
Promising review: "My backdoor gets a lot of sun and has faded quite a bit. I talked to a painter about refinishing the door, and then COVID hit. I decided to try to 'repair' it myself but am not patient enough to sand it down and re-varnish. So, I decided to try this. I washed all the dirt off the door first and let it dry. Then, I rubbed this product on the door. UNBELIEVABLE! I waited a day and gave it a second coat. The door looks 75% better! I may eventually still have to have the door refinished by a professional, but the protection this product provided will get me through another year until I can have it done properly. I highly recommend this, AND it was SO EASY to apply!!! Now, I can’t wait to use it on all the furniture and bedroom doors in my house so that I can bring out the luster!!!" — Santa Cruz Mountains
A veggie chopper
Promising review: "Why in the world did it take so long for me to find this? This saves me so much time it’s unbelievable! It 100% works, is super easy to clean, and just overall a great buy! I’ve sent it to all my friends and family telling them to buy it." — AZ
A roll of glossy marble contact paper
Promising review: "This looks fantastic! I decided to cover my white subway tile with this marble paper. I took my time with this project so that it came out as nice as possible. I measured and cut the paper for each tile. It took two weeks of doing it a little at a time, but it looks unbelievable. No one can tell it isn’t actually marble tile. I highly recommend!" — SP
A Schick Silk touch-up tool
Promising review: "I loved EVERYTHING about this — I didn’t know what I’ve been missing. It removed every bit of peach fuzz from my face and so much dead skin it was unbelievable and...kinda gross...but at least it’s gone now!" — Brittany Harley
A box of Glisten garbage disposal cleaner
Promising review: "I am a believer. My sink has had a funky smell since we moved in two months ago. I tried everything on my own to fix the smell. If there was a YouTube fix, I tried it. Then I saw these on a BuzzFeed article and decided to give it a try. The instructions were easy to follow, and it worked like a charm. The smell was gone instantly after I finished, and now two days later, it's still gone. I definitely am a believer now." — Juji
A box of eight "zombie" face masks
Promising review: "I cannot believe how good my face looks after rinsing off the mask. It was uncomfortable. I was only able to keep it on for 12 minutes. But skin looks unbelievable. Even my daughter said 'wow!'" — Raven
A jar of SolarOil nail and cuticle care
Promising review:"I got this as a gift from my nail tech, and this is the ONLY OIL that has helped my brittle nails. I had a hard time kicking my biting/picking anxious habit because of this oil. It has made my nails so strong it’s unbelievable. Totally transformed my nail bed. I cannot stress how much I love this product. Oh, and it smells pretty good. :)" — Bethany H.
A bottle of cult-favorite CeraVe moisturizing cream
Promising review: "I have had the worst dry skin of my life this year. Eczema on my arms, legs, stomach, and hips. I got this lotion, and within two days, there is an unbelievable difference in my skin, and the ITCHING has stopped." — Amy Mitchell
A pack of sheet suspender straps
Promising review: "This product is wonderful. I have an extremely tough time with my son's hyperactivity. He jumps on his bed, and I was constantly having to remake it. This product is amazing. It keeps my sons sheets on his bed!!! I could not be happier, and this company backs their product with excellent customer service, not to mention the unbelievable price." — Lisa Heres
A bottle of Leather Honey that you can use to restore leather
Promising review: "This product is fantastic. I used the cleaner on my approximately 20-year-old purse which has sustained tremendous abuse being used on and off over the years. One cleaning with the Leather Honey Leather Cleaner brought back the beautiful original color and supple leather feel. I used the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner the following day. The outcome was unbelievable. It is amazing what a beautiful job this conditioner has done. The purse looks almost new. That is truly amazing considering its age. The leather is beautiful again." — Cindy

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