Elizabeth Minett, Robert Green's Ex-Girlfriend? Could Break-Up Cause World Cup Blunder?

Did Lingerie Model Breakup Cause England's Devastating World Cup Blunder?

The United States tied England in a heavily anticipated World Cup matchup on Saturday, giving what many saw as a moral victory to the American underdogs. The United States managed only one goal during the match, and it came largely as a result of English goalkeeper Robert Green's embarrassing blunder.

While the miscue instantly put Green's name on an infamous list, it's possible there is a romantic explanation for the costly error. According to the Daily Mail, Green just split with girlfriend Elizabeth Minett, a blonde model. The Mirror reports that Green is "devastated" by the breakup.

The lithe 23-year-old lingerie model previously hoped to cheer her then-boyfriend on at the World Cup, but Green's agent claims the two parted ways months ago. Could the split have caused his World Cup mistake?

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