So You Think You Can Dance Salutes Breast Cancer

I am a Story Consultant and I love nothing more than when a story moves you to tears. This happened last night when I was watching the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance when the brilliant dancers, Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi, gracefully told the story choreographed by the undeniably talented, Tyce Diorio.

In the last two years, I've had four friends, beautiful and vibrant women in their thirties, deal with breast cancer while being at the top of their game. One described it to me as feeling pure anger towards this presence in her body that her spirit could not overcome, leaving her with the limited choice of having to go through chemo. One of the many things she said to me was, "Jen, I just want to keep dancing; don't let me stop dancing." Another friend found out while she was seven months pregnant, she went into a cave at first because she did not know how to deal with the enormity of it. My third friend with breast cancer is a mother and the rock in her family, the idea of leaving her children at such an important time in their development, made her reach for strength she didn't even know she had. I recall marveling at her wearing her bald head without a scarf and living her truth as a way to help and encourage other women to do the same. My fourth friend wrote a book on it, Pretty Is What Changes.

The dance, so beautifully choreographed by Tyce Diorio, embodied the stories and the feelings of helplessness and frustration expressed by these women. Melissa so poignantly danced the part of a woman who is fighting cancer in her body and seeking solace in the arms of Ade while throwing herself into the mercy of it and finally succumbing to the idea that she needed to be carried. It was television at its best. It was a celebration of the spirit.

Seeing the judges express their feelings as the tears openly flowed and recognizing the monumental shared experience by millions of viewers was beyond moving.

I applaud FOX Network, the Producers, the talent and courage of Tyce Diorio and the soulful performances by Melissa and Ade for bringing this story to life.

At a time when everyone could benefit from the idea of being lifted, I encourage you to watch this show, tonight is its 100th episode, it will excite your senses and make your heart happy.