DJ Loses Himself In Eminem Lyrics To Complain, Gets Hilarious Reply

Jay Whalley owned it -- and he didn’t let it go.

A DJ took serious inspiration from Eminem when complaining to a British online fashion store.

Jay Whalley, from Preston in northern England, reworked the first verse from the rapper’s hit single “Stan” to try to find out what was happening with a blazer he wanted to exchange.

I sent you my exchange but still it ain’t returning,” he posted on the Facebook page of the retailer ASOS Monday. “I left my size, product code and order number at the bottom,” he added.

See his full message here:

It’s similar to the introductory verse from Eminem’s 2000 hit, on which Dido sang the chorus. “Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling. I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom.”

Whalley’s imaginative post soon went viral. But it took on a further dimension when a representative for the store replied —and also used rap-style lyrics to apologize and explain what was going on.

Yo’ Jay, what’s happenin?” wrote the staffer, named only as Rianna, who added she’d “get to the bottom of this mayhem.”

“Look forward to hearing from your soon Jay, you’ll always be our number 1 Bae,” she ended the note.

Whalley said he decided to make the complaint in the unusual way to try to get their attention. “Thought I’d be creative instead of kicking off,” he posted to Facebook. 

Looks like it worked, although some people have suggested Rianna would have been better off replying in similar Eminem lyrics, rather than making up her own rap. See the full “Stan” music video here: