An Enchanting Tiny Home You Have To See To Believe (PHOTOS)

An Enchanting Tiny Home You Have To See To Believe

Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some have adorable porches and some have bold blue-doored entrances. Some are smaller than we could have ever imagined and still others aren't even houses at all -- but in the realm of all these miniature abodes, we can safely say, this is the most whimsical one we've seen.

Tucked far away in a Canadian cedar forest, this 160-square-foot gypsy wagon was originally built in the mid-2000s out of mostly recycled materials using an 8-by-20 foot salvaged truck chassis for a base that, at the time, cost $100 from a wrecking yard. From that foundation, an organically structured home with curved walls and softly arched ceilings was built. It includes practical elements, such as a sleeping area with small kitchenette and desk; but it's not without its quirky minimalist accents, like the repurposed 1970s picnic tabletop that serves as the unique round window at one end of the structure. In essence, it has become the perfect "writer's retreat," which is what the current part-time owner, Rachel Ross, uses it for now, as she stated in an email to the Huffington Post.

And when nature calls, all the occupant has to do is take a short trip to the nearby composting A-frame outhouse. You can even drive there if it's too cold, as the now $8,000 caravan is totally movable by truck or tractor. Though if you prefer to keep the eclectically humble abode right where it is, we understand -- a home like this almost deserves to be in a forest that's just as charming.

This Might Be The Most Whimsical Tiny Home We've Seen

H/T to Inhabitat for bringing this endearing space to our attention.

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