'Entourage' Creator Doug Ellin On Controversial Plots: 'We Tried Not To Be Politically Correct'

Doug Ellin doesn't think twice while scribing any of the boundary-pushing, sex-scene-infested, drug-infused material "Entourage" fans have come to know and love, he told HuffPost Live in a Tuesday conversation.

Ellin, who created "Entourage" and wrote and directed the upcoming film version, said he doesn't share the reservations of Jeremy Piven, who told HuffPost Live in March that he'd questioned some of his loaded quips towards co-star Rex Lee while shooting scenes on the HBO series, recounting that he'd "look at [the lines] and say, 'I can't say this to him.'"

For Ellin, it's all about depicting reality, no matter how gritty the language gets.

"I just kind of go, and I write, and hopefully people don't take offense to it," Ellin explained. "We tried not to be politically correct with the show. It's a very kind of true look at this stuff, and how people talk in that town and in that business, so I tried not to censor myself."

The "Entourage" film hits theaters June 3.

Watch more from Doug Ellin's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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