Cop's Pool Party Barrel Roll Makes More Sense With A Beastie Boys Soundtrack

Was Texas cop's barrel roll a mirage, or sabotage?

There wasn't a lot to laugh about when video emerged this weekend showing McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt aggressively rounding up a group of teens outside a pool party. It had all the hallmarks of an amped up officer going a bit beyond the call of duty: A breathless Casebolt flying around, angrily swearing at groups of kids just moments before throwing a teenage girl to the ground and pulling his gun on a group of approaching partygoers.

Casebolt seemed to have set the tone in the first few seconds of the original YouTube video, which begins with him yelling "move, move," before sprinting and barrel rolling through the frame. It looks like Casebolt may have actually tripped, but as blogger Brian Hickey noted on Tuesday, Casebolt may have been taking cues from the Beastie Boys music video for "Sabotage."

Pretty on point, actually.


The only thing you miss with the new soundtrack is the muffled sound of someone behind the camera in the original video saying, "whoa, what the fuck?" as Casebolt dashes by.

What the fuck, indeed.

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