Here's An Exclusive Clip Of Adrián García Bogliano's Horror-Thriller 'Scherzo Diabolico'

The director's latest film takes place in Mexico City.

Spanish director Adrián García Bogliano's latest horror film, "Scherzo Diabolico," is all about how far a man will go for the life he wants and how the decisions he ultimately decides to make will haunt him. 

The film revolves around Aram (Francisco Barreiro), an accountant in Mexico City who leads a very dull and miserable life.

"Aram... decides it's time to take what he thinks he deserves," the 35-year-old director told The Huffington Post. "His wife reproaches him [for] everything all the time, his boss doesn't recognize his efforts and he can't even talk to his father, who's terminally ill. He decides the solution to all his problems is to kidnap a teenage girl." Bogliano ("Here Comes The Devil," "Late Phases") first premiered "Scherzo Diabolico" at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. The director released the film via video on demand Tuesday and shared an exclusive clip with HuffPost. 

In the scene above, the director says Aram has gone through with his plan to kidnap the schoolgirl (Daniela Soto Vell) and has realized he might've made a horrible mistake.

"He has achieved his goals and, according to his plan everything went perfect, except for a little detail that is now going to make everything he has built fall to pieces," Bogliano said. "Aram is definitely someone who can't deal very well with frustration, as you will see, and he doesn't know that everything is about to get worse."

Watch the exclusive clip above.



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