Is This Perfect Face In The Clouds For Real?

We've all played the game where you identify shapes in the clouds. You might have seen horses, monsters, waves and even the occasional face. But have you ever seen a face this perfect?


If the image is real, it might just win best cloud-shape spotting in our book.

"This video was taken from the front steps of our house as we were shocked to see a perfect face in the clouds," claims Youtuber Jason Kohler in the video description.

The effect of seeing faces in odd places like the clouds, trees, the moon or even a piece of toast is known as pareidolia. Dr. Nouchine Hadjikhani of Harvard University says this type of perception is perfectly normal as it is part of our biological heritage. "Humans are 'pre-wired' to detect faces from birth," she told BBC News.

So next time you see a face in the gnarled roots of a tree or in the fur patterns of a cat, blame it on human evolution.



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