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16 Family Portraits That Don't Even Try To Be Picture-Perfect

16 Impossibly Fun Photo Ideas For Families Who Are Anything But Ordinary

Picture your family. Mom hasn’t had time to do her hair, and Dad doesn’t really walk around in a suit and tie … or perhaps even pants. The kids run around with the energy of one thousand windmills and have already managed to get breakfast on their brand-new clothes.

The modern family embraces the notion that it can be perfect even with all its imperfections, so why not let your family photo do the same? Providing you with some alternatives to the stiff and posed portrait, we partnered with Chevrolet Malibu to round up family-photo ideas that are sure to capture the joy of the moment. So forget picture-perfect, and check out the photos below.

family photo 1
Image: Peta Mazey Photography
Wake up with five in the bed, so the little one says …

family photo 2
Image: Simplicity Photography
Let’s take a walk! An ordinary stroll can look like a rock star strut with this family’s tribute to The Beatles.

family photo 3
Image: Pinkle Toes Photography
And while you’re out, take a moment to see how magical the world looks from your little one’s perspective.

family photo 4
Image: DrewB Photography
Or practice the “one, two, three, whee!”

family photo 5
Image: Kristen Duke Photography
Most importantly, have fun … Let the beach balls fall where they may!

family photo 6
Image: Beach Chic Photography
Just go ahead, and dive right in.

family photo 7
Image: Kathy Wolfe Photography
Or fly your feet in the air like you just don’t care!

family photo 8
Image: Kristen Duke Photography
And don’t stress the mess …

family photo 16
Image: Emily Garrison Photography
Because together, you may discover super-secret powers.

family photo 9

Your kisses can travel across the world!

family photo 10
Image: Angela Lenssen Photography
But you can’t hide anything from family …

family photo 11
Image: j w l photography
So pucker up!

family photo 12

And share sweet dreams.

family photo13
Image: Blue Lily Photography
Because family is there, come rain or shine.

family photo 14
Image: Pinkle Toes Photography
And soon, you’ll be safe inside …

family photo 15
Image: Kristen Duke Photography
Because at the end of the day, family will always be there.

Chevrolet Malibu celebrates the moment you and your family stop being picture-perfect and just start enjoying.

Do you have a fun family photo so original you just have to share it with the rest of the world? Celebrate these joint, joyful moments by posting a picture of your own family on Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag #momentsnotmilestones and we’ll add our favorites to a slide show below.*

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