Feb. 4, 2008 News Update

President Bush delivers final State of the Union address. It will go down in history, just like his ranking as a President.

Bush says state of the union is "strong." Except for subprime crisis, looming recession, wasteful war in Iraq, housing crisis, record federal deficit -- and lame duck president.

Bush comes out strongly against earmarks. Also nose hairs.

Presidential campaign drones on with still more debates. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stage lovefest. But where was Mike Gravel?

New York Post endorses Obama. So Rup and Hil no longer best buds? Is this sincere endorsement, or does Post figure Obama would be easier to beat than Clinton?

Murdoch moving Wall Street Journal out of financial district. To be renamed Midtown Journal?

Romney wins Maine caucuses. As Maine goes....there goes Ron Paul. Pundidiots says it's now Romney-McCain race. Does that mean Huckabee will win?

McCain tells campaign rally, "There will be other wars, my friends." Comforting thought if he wins.

Ralph Nader says he's setting up exploratory committee. What's needed is a committee to institutionalize him.

French President Sarkozy weds Italian supermodel girlfriend Carla Bruni. He can now return to other affairs, like affairs of state. Although Italians taught French how to cook, doubt she'll spend much time in the kitchen.

NFL Commissioner burns New England Patriots' illegally-obtained tapes of other team's defensive signals. Who does he think he is, the CIA?

New England Patriots favored by 12 points in Super Bowl. Bet you didn't know New Hampshire pollsters also made football lines.

18-0 Pats lose to New York Giants. Nobody's perfect. Well, except for the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Giselle Bundchen is to Tom Brady as Jessica Simpson is to Tony Romo? Curse of the babes?

Rambo's back! But what the hell is he doing in Myanamar? Why isn't he tracking down Osama bin Laden? Or maybe he's leaving that to Rocky in his next movie.