Meet Felton Campbell And Mike Huard, Bodybuilding Grandpas

LOOK: Bodybuilding Grandpas Rock Ironman Competition

Among the bulging pecs and rippling thighs on display at the 2013 Oregon Ironman Competition, Felton Campbell and Mike Huard's stood out. At 61 and 62 respectively, the two were the oldest competitors there, going toe to toe with 242 men more than half their age.

Though Campbell took first place over his friend in the competition's Masters Men Over 60 category, the two aren't just competing within their age group. "Right now, me and Mike's goal is to beat someone in their 40s," Campbell said. "You're never too old."

"Here’s where [age] works to our advantage -- it’s because we’re mature, we’ve been through all the testosterone spurts, we’re having fun and it’s keeping us really healthy," Huard added.

The pair join a fit group of other post-50 bodybuilders making jaws drop: world's oldest female bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd, and vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris.

To see Campbell and Huard's moves -- and see who holds the record for the oldest bodybuilder -- watch the video above.

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