Jean Hanff Korelitz On The Benefits Of Loving A Best Friend Even After The Friendship Ends

Jean Hanff Korelitz, author of "Admission" and "You Should Have Known," found herself in a toxic friendship with her best friend Molly.

After distancing Molly from her life and letting their friendship dissolve, Korelitz is in a happier place, confident she's made the right decision. WIth time, however, she's been able to recognize the merits of their friendship. She joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday to explain why she can't help but look back on her old friend fondly.

"What was left was not resentment and years of bitterness and frustration about all that wasted time, but actually quite the opposite," she said. "[I have] this feeling that I had been grateful to have her in my life and grateful to have known her and, you know, the love remained."

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