Feral Cats Boot Out Baby Jesus in Brooklyn

How dare they?

Hardly sacrilegious given two cat lovers, Annette and Susan Amendola, welcome the incursion; after all they own the vacant lot on Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn that a bunch of feral cats call home. Come holiday time and the installation of the traditional crèche -- with its cozy straw and warm lights -- the arrival of baby Jesus also signals an opportunity for the felines to lay claim to new turf. Without as much as a Hail Mary, God's only begotten son is unceremoniously dumped from his perch.

For the past few years the cats-in-the-crèche have become a holiday tradition drawing a crowd of admiring neighbors and assorted paparazzi. No doubt the ferals find the fawning attention quite to their liking. Donations of catnip, we hear, are welcomed.

Full Disclosure: Both myself and my cat-guru wife are long-time crazy cat people.

Special thanks to Rafael Lopez for providing exclusive photos of the feral cats and crèche.


Joel Sucher is a filmmaker with Pacific Street Films and a contributing blogger for Huffington Post.
Co-authored with Layla Morgan Wilde