'Final Fantasy VII' Is Officially Coming To iPhone

Hope you stretched your thumbs this morning!

"Final Fantasy VII" is coming to the iPhone. 

The iconic Japanese video game will hit the U.S. App Store at 11:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, developer Square Enix announced with a YouTube video (above). The release, an iPhone and iPad-ready version of the hit PC game, will feature touch controls and an option for turning off random encounters, according to Kotaku.

The original "FF VII," which debuted more than 18 years ago in Japan, was a tremendous hit among gamers, selling over 9 million copies and spawning a series of spinoff titles, including a straight-to-DVD feature film sequel called "Advent Children" and a PlayStation Portable prequel game called "Crisis Core."

Earlier this summer, Square Enix announced plans to release a modern remake of "FF VII" for PlayStation 4.

The trailer for the upcoming PS4 version has sent fans around the globe into a frenzy, though no official release date has been announced yet.

Well, at least now you can play it on your iPhone while you wait.  

H/T Kotaku


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