Finally, the Homosexual Agenda, in Five Words or Less

There's been a great deal of talk over the last few decades about something the reactionary far-right wing calls the "homosexual agenda." This agenda seems to have many differing and apparently, to the right wing, confusing points, so it's time to clear up exactly what the homosexual agenda is -- in five words or less.

Alan Sears, president of the ultra far-right group called the Alliance Defense Fund has written a book (titled, not surprisingly, The Homosexual Agenda) about the goals behind the gay activist movement, and reveals that the homosexual agenda is: to destroy the American family.

The Reverend Louis Sheldon, chairman of the ultra far-right group called the Traditional Values Coalition, has also written a book; his is named The Agenda: The Homosexual Plan to Change America. In it he describes the agenda blow by blow: how homosexual activists plan on recruiting children into the lifestyle, how they're undermining traditional marriage, and how they are criminalizing any public criticism. (The book was praised by former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts, who said, "This powerful and hard-hitting book lays bare the reality and risks of the homosexual agenda.")

According to Sheldon, the homosexual agenda is, more or less, to destroy the country.

James Dobson, director of the ultra-far right group called Focus on the Family, says this: "For more than forty years, the homosexual activist movement has sought to implement a master plan that has had as its centerpiece the utter destruction of the family.... as well as...discrediting of scriptures that condemn homosexuality....granting of special privileges and rights in the law, overturning laws prohibiting pedophilia... indoctrinating children and future generations through public education...."

In other words, the homosexual agenda is: To destroy the entire world.

In the case of Lawrence vs. Texas (2003), the United States Supreme Court struck down the criminal prohibition of homosexual sodomy in Texas. Three justices dissented: now-retired Chief justice William Rehnquist, Clarence Thomas, and Antonin Scalia, who has been unsually public concerning his categorical abhorrence of gays. Scalia then wrote a blistering dissent in which he faulted the Court for having "largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda." In Scalia's view, the homosexual agenda is: the destruction of the universe.

How successful is this homosexual agenda? Let's see--the number of teenagers killing themselves because they think they are gay continues to rise; according to the Center for Disease Control/Massachusetts Department of Education Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 33 percent of gay youth will attempt suicide--gay teen suicide attempts are four times that of heterosexual youth. The National Council of Anti-Violence Programs' recently released report on violence against gays found that there was a 4 percent rise in violent attacks. (This as U.S. Senate Republicans have once again prevented a hate crimes bill from being passed). The Bush Administration is still trying to institutionalize gay bigotry by passing an amendment to the American constitution banning gay marriage. And so it goes.

So what really is the homosexual agenda? To destroy society? To conquer the world? To annihilate the galaxy? Well, here it is, finally, for everyone to see, in five words or less. The homosexual agenda: to live like anybody else.