Florida Man Tells Everyone They Will Die During Naked Rampage: Cops

A Florida man is in custody after allegedly taking LSD and going on a naked rampage.

Jupiter resident Daniel Leneve, 18, was arrested Feb. 28th after he and his 17-year-old girlfriend allegedly took three tabs of acid. He faces charges including battery, vandalism, resisting arrest, and child abuse following a spree of violence at the young woman's home.

The mother of the girl called authorities after Leneve stripped naked, trashed her house, and assaulted her daughter, according to a police report obtained by the Huffington Post.

The couple had been dating for six months when Leneve ran through the girl's home naked, smashing glasses and mirrors and dumping water bottles all over the floor, "screaming out that everyone was going to die," police said.

The suspect grabbed his girlfriend by her sweatshirt and began dragging her through the hallway, the girl's mother told police. He allegedly continued to push and grab at the teen violently until police show up.

When deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrived, Leneve allegedly charged at them, but as officers ordered the suspect to stop, he ended up "falling to the ground backwards" on his own.

As authorities went to cuff him, the suspect began swinging his arms, shouting that officers "get the fuck off" him, according to the police report.

While on the ground, Leneve "squirmed, thrashed his body, and scraped his face intentionally into the pavement," all while repeating that "everyone was going to die" and screaming out for both his girlfriend and God, police said.

After deputies helped the suspect back to his feet, his girlfriend came over and "began pointing her finger at Daniel near his face." That's when police said Daniel forcibly bit down on the girl's finger, causing a laceration which required hospital treatment.

At that point, EMS decided to sedate the suspect, according to the report.

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