For The Last-Minute Undecided Voter: Handwriting Analysis Of Donald And Hillary

You don't have to be a certified graphologist to see the differences in the two handwriting styles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
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I was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with the country's leading graphologist Kathi McKnight. For voters who are still undecided, she revealed personality secrets hidden in our presidential candidate's handwriting to help you make your final decision. Here's what she said:

You don't have to be a certified graphologist to see the differences in the two handwriting styles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!

Trump's handwriting is bold, dark, loud. It is written with an extreme uphill slant: which means this writer loves to win so much he is capable of actually creating problems for the sheer pleasure of "Trumping" or conquering them.

An extreme vertical slant is used within the words, revealing his ability to act with seeming coldness ("You're fired!!").

His head rules his reasoning. Not his heart.

A vertical slant writer is bored by emotional people and is known to have self-interests. He will meet disaster calmly.

If you are on his radar screen and wish to get his attention or get him to see your point of view, leave your emotions out of it. He wants facts, figures and statistics.

Block printing reveals not a lot about what is truly going on deep inside him.


Hillary's vertical slant softens to the right in much of her writing. She combines both her head and heart when making important decisions and factors in the human element.

The tent-like structure in her letter "t" in the word "Best" shows a dogged stubbornness to stick with something to see it through.

The mixture of printing and cursive shows she listens to all 5 of her senses as well as her 6th sense. The v-like structure in the letter "r" in "great" shows she prefers to deal with the big picture over the menial details. She is not a natural confronter as the soft tops of the s's divulge.
She suffers a degree of self-consciousness.

The left margin widens revealing an eagerness and impatience to leave the past behind her into a more optimistic world.


Happy voting! And when you want to know more about what handwriting analysis can reveal, be sure to check out Kathi McKnight at

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