Former Kardashian Nanny, Pam Behan, Reveals Truth About Family (VIDEO)

We've already seen the Kardashians during some of their worst and most vulnerable moments on their reality shows, but a former nanny is ready to reveal even more about the famous family.

Pam Behan was hired by Kris Jenner in July 1988 and watched Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob grow up. The former nanny is writing a memoir about her time with the reality TV family and reveals the truth about the children she once cared for -- they were good kids.

"I would say they were definitely spoiled," she admits to "Entertainment Tonight." "Any kid that grows up in Malibu or Beverly Hills is spoiled, but that doesn't mean they were naughty or bad. They never disrespected me."

Behan says the book is going to be completely honest with no fabrications. "It's going to be funny, crazy, zany, upbeat, positive stories," she said, adding that there will be no bashing and it's not a "tell all."

The Kardashians' former employee is looking to stay on the family's good side and says she's writing the book but isn't sure if it will be published. What's more, she plans on showing the manuscript to the family to make sure she has their approval.

Behan also spoke to "ET" about the recent rumor that Robert Kardashian was not Khloe's biological father, saying she "truly believes" Khloe is a Kardashian. She adds that Khloe was probably Robert's favorite child.

While it's clear she cares about the family, she also commented on Kim's love life, saying she thinks that Kim probably expected to be the first of all of them to get married and have babies and felt pressured to find someone and settle down.

"She's 30, she's in the spotlight and feeling the pressure. And I just think she made a mistake, but at least she admitted it," she said. "I don't think she would do that to Kris Humphries otherwise. Kim does not need to get married on TV or anything like that to make money. Kim can make money on her own."