Fox Anchor Informed For FBI: Smoking Gun

Fox Anchor Was ALSO FBI Informant: Report

Following the controversy surrounding CBS executive Christopher Isham's relationship with the FBI in the 1990s, The Smoking Gun reported Wednesday that a local Fox news anchor informed for the bureau in 1992.

The site uncovered an FBI memo from 1992--a memo very similar to the one that the Center For Public Integrity cited in its report about an ABC journalist who passed information onto the FBI in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. (That journalist turned out to be current CBS executive Isham, who angrily denied the charges in a statement Wednesday.)

In the 1992 memo, the bureau writes that a "Fox Network News Anchor" was dispatched by agents in New York to get the name of a source being used by other Fox journalists in a story about the murder of union leader Jimmy Hoffa for the show "A Current Affair." The memo goes on to say that the journalist attempted to get the source out of his colleagues, who had rebuffed the FBI's attempts. But the journalist was apparently unsuccessful.

The Smoking Gun speculated that the journalist was John Roland, an anchor for New York's Fox affiliate for 25 years. Contacted by the site, Roland said, "it sure as heck doesn't ring a bell," but added, "I might have been asked, but I can't imagine I would have done it."

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