'Fox & Friends' Questions If Ranting House Stenographer Was Religiously Persecuted

The hosts of "Fox & Friends" questioned on Thursday if the shouting stenographer who interrupted Wednesday's vote to re-open the government may have been discriminated against because of her religion.

The stenographer, now identified as Dianne Reidy, was removed from the House floor after she grabbed the microphone and began shouting on stage about God and Freemasons. She was then allegedly taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

"Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy went on to read an email from a minister defending the woman's actions.

"It was not a mental episode." the Minister wrote. "What she was doing was known as an exercise of the gifts of the spirit where she was, she had brought a warning and a message from God."

Doocy then read another email from a viewer who argued that the woman had a right to speak her mind.

“She brings up our dear lord and she gets a mental evaluation? I think it should be the other way around," the viewer wrote.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck seemed to agree.

"Maybe she just saw something that didn’t seem right and mounting frustrations and tensions brought it out of her," Hasselbeck said.

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