Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Hot Model/Chef

We can definitely stand the heat in his kitchen.


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If Franco Noriega is cooking, then we're definitely hungry. And thirsty.

A model, chef, and restauranteur, Franco Noriega is a 27-year-old taking the food world (and Instagram) by storm. Noriega just opened his first Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant in New York's Lower East Side called Baby Brasa this week, Eater reported.

The restaurant offers quarter and half-chicken portions of rotisserie chickens, chicken sandwiches, sides, and salads, but, sadly, Noriega himself is not on the menu.


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The many-abbed Noriega came to New York in 2007 to, unsurprisingly, become an actor. He was discovered in 2009 by Mario Testino and three days later ended up in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, solidifying himself as a model.

In 2014, he shifted professions and attended culinary school.


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Noriega doesn't drink -- hence the lack of beer belly -- but does enjoy bread (he, Oprah, and the rest of the world have that in common).

I eat a baguette every day,” he told the NY Post. “It’s such a pleasure.”

Also, he said this quote:

“I’m always shirtless. I go into stores shirtless. I just love it because I come from such a tropical climate.”


A photo posted by Franco Noriega (@franconorhal) on

Excuse us, we have to go get some Peruvian chicken for lunch...

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