'Freakshow': Murrugan, 'The Human Pincushion' Tries To Push Pin All The Way Through His Body (VIDEO)

Murrugan, "The Human Pincushion," went for a new descriptive title during the latest episode of "Freakshow." One of the oldest acts in the freakshow, Murrugan wanted to try a feat that he'd never done before. While he makes his living by sticking pins in his body, among other feats, this time he wanted to try skewering himself all the way through, from front to back.

He has long been one of the biggest draws to the show. SheKnows wrote, "Murrugan has been a mainstay since practically the beginning. His show is perhaps the most painful to watch, too."

It was especially squirm-inducing watching him push that pin through his body until it poked its way out the other side. Now that he's added this new trick to his repertoire it might be time to upgrade his name from "The Human Pincushion" to "The Human Shish Kebab."

See more shocking displays on "Freakshow" every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. EST on AMC.

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