Jared Leto's Russian Cold Medicine Collection Is Comprehensive

In case you missed it, this weekend Jared Leto had a cold while visiting Moscow. Luckily, he (or someone on his staff) was able to collect an impressive array of Russian homeopathic and drugstore products in an effort to quell whatever ailed him:

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What are these wondrous potions and are Russian drugstores to cold medicine what French drugstores are to skin care?

We asked in-office Russian speakers, HuffPost multimedia editor Irina Dvalidze and international fellow Talia Lavin, to translate and weigh in on what Leto was taking (besides the apparent tea and spoonfuls of jam). Clockwise from the blue bottle:

Аквалор (Akvalor):
"This is a nasal spray. According to its website, it's an 'all-natural' cure involving sea water and minerals." -- TL

Мирамистин (Miramistin):
"This antibiotic nasal spray was initially developed in the 1970s. Ammonium chloride is an active ingredient." --TL

Гомеовокс (Gomeovoks):
"'Gomeo' = 'Homeo' (G and H are often swapped out when translating English words or prefixes into Russian, e.g., Garri Potter). According to the product website, this pill is supposed to help with 'voice disorders' (?). Here's a list of ingredients. It's a homeopathic remedy. They also dubiously claim in the product description that it's much better for your throat/voice than tea with lemon, as tea contains damaging caffeine!" -- TL

Боржоми (Borjomi):
"The farther clear bottle in the back definitely looks like a bottle of Borjomi, which is Georgian mineral water that I can personally attest cures all stomach aches and nausea." -- ID

Here's hoping he's feeling better -- and considering a new side hustle as a Borjomi importer.

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