Conservative Icon George Will: Young Voters Now Consider GOP 'The Dumb Party'

The GOP is facing a crisis as young voters abandon the party, columnist and TV analyst says.

George Will, the longtime conservative columnist and TV commentator, says young Americans don’t have very positive views of the Republican Party

CNBC’s Kelly Evans asked Will about last week’s New York Times column by David Brooks that warned of a “coming GOP apocalypse” as young voters abandon the party. 

“I think David Brooks is late to the apocalypse,” Will said. “I think it’s already happened. In fact, young people have made up their mind about the Republican Party, that it’s kind of the dumb party.” 

Will also said that many young voters hold “warm views” of socialism, but added that those views weren’t fully formed yet. 

“To them, socialism means everybody being sociable and nice to one another,” he said. “They haven’t thought it through because these same people who like socialism are suspicious of government.”

Although that’s more in line with a traditional Republican view, Will said the party was “doing its very best to drive them away permanently.” 

See his full comments below:

Will was a longtime member of the “dumb party” himself but quit in 2016 over its embrace of Trump. 

This is not my party,” he said at the time. 

His new book is called The Conservative Sensibility.

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