Messy Photos Of A 5-Year-Old Painter Serve As An Important Reminder For Adults

Photographer and mother-of-three Ginger Unzueta has a knack for capturing her children's enthusiasm for life. In a photo project titled, "An Artist Unfolding," the creative mom focuses the camera on her youngest daughter -- a 5-year-old who loves to paint.

Unzueta told The Huffington Post that she noticed her daughter's passion for art early on, but one particular morning when the little girl was only 3 years old stands out in her memory. As Unzueta was working on activities with her children, whom she homeschools, she noticed her youngest painting fervently at her easel. "She was almost dancing as she put color on the paper," the mom recalled. "She got so excited and didn't want to stop."

As the toddler explored her passion and continued painting almost every day, Unzueta started documenting these joyful and rather messy moments. The resulting photo project spans years of colorful abstracts, trees, flowers, and little hearts -- and the growing artist behind them. "Childhood is fleeting," the photographer said, adding, "Early into my motherhood journey, I decided that I wanted something different for our family. I didn't want to be caught in the rush of one day to the next."

This desire to help her family savor every moment in life is is why Unzueta lets her daughter get messy with her paint, on the canvas and on herself. "I have purposely let her create without limitations so that she can explore and do what makes her feel alive," the mom explained. "I have not taught her technique or skills, but given her a brush and freedom."

Unzueta hopes that her her daughter's passion and self-confidence will shine through her photos and inspire others. "I believe she creates art with her life. Fear and self-doubt don’t stop her, which is something we can all learn from."

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