The Playroom

Good thing we have all year to recover. Because it all happens again next June.
Living with a toddler is kind of like living with a tiny drunk person.
It's a toss-up which is more labor-intensive and maddening, the back-to-school stuff or the end-of-year madness.
I'm beginning to suspect my 11-month-old is really Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump. Yes, it may seem unlikely that my adorable baby is actually a 69-year-old real estate tycoon from Queens, but hear me out.
I wear yoga pants ALL. THE. TIME. They're comfy. They're practical. They're perfect for my crazy mom life.
I thought I'd share the experience of managing three kids and a Little League game on a school night, for those of you unfamiliar with it.
Embrace the power of a well-timed bribe.
2. Thou shalt not sleep past 6:15 a.m.
Being a mom means you have to hear every excuse in the book, and I mean every excuse.
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