Glenn Beck: FEMA Concentration Camps Do Not Exist (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck: FEMA Concentration Camps Do Not Exist (VIDEO)

On his show Monday, Glenn Beck enlisted the help of Popular Mechanics to debunk an internet rumor that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operates concentration camps in the United States.

Beck, known for his apocalyptic views, had come under fire for mentioning FEMA camps, though he claims to have always doubted their existence and promised to either show viewers the camps or prove that they didn't exist.

Monday, he appears to have done the latter.

Beck hosted Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief James Meigs, who reported that, based on his magazine's independent investigation, videos on the internet said to have been of FEMA concentration camps actually included footage of an Amtrak repair facility in Beach Grove, Indiana. The video reportedly comes from a woman tied to Timothy McVeigh's militia group.

"There is enough out there," Beck said. "We don't need to make stuff up."


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