Federal Emergency Management Agency

The test of the national emergency alert system can actually trigger a society-wide, vaccine-induced zombie apocalypse… according to some weird corners of the web.
Depending on your individual cellphone settings, the message may display in Spanish.
Anti-government organizations are filling a disaster-response gap — and using it to spread their message.
“We expect more from our national leaders to address this issue in a real way,” Mayor Eric Adams said during his visit to El Paso.
Officials are preparing for an expected increase in asylum-seekers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as pandemic-era immigration restrictions expire this week.
U.S. officials say they are vowing to unleash a massive amount of federal aid in response to Hurricane Ian as the death toll rises amid recovery efforts.
The average amount awarded per death is $6,500, according to FEMA.
The two Republican lawmakers have had an increasingly testy relationship.
Deanne Criswell says her agency is helping areas with ongoing rescue efforts after they were hit by a deadly swarm of severe twisters on Friday night.
The agency said it would no longer impose strict ownership requirements that unduly affected Black communities.