Glenn Beck Explains George Soros Conspiracy Theory On 'O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO):

WATCH: O'Reilly Skeptical Of Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theory

Glenn Beck continued his campaign to "out" George Soros on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Friday.

O'Reilly interviewed Beck about his "shadow government" and "puppet master" accusations against Soros, but the "G-man" (O'Reilly's name for Beck), was short on specifics.

Soros, a progressive billionaire, has been targeted by Beck and others on the right for funding candidates, causes, and charities deemed too progressive. Beck tells his audience that Soros is responsible for the economic crisis and is a "economic war criminal." Earlier this week, Beck accused the Jewish Soros of collaborating with Nazis during WWII.

Asked to summarize his attacks on the businessman, Beck told O'Reilly that Soros is actually an "economic war criminal."

"What you're seeing happen and what is coming between the inflation in the grocery stores and the gas pumps, the organizations out in the streets. It's a puppet show," Beck said. "It is orchestrated by George Soros."

Beck continued, saying "[Soros] collapsed four different regimes, four different countries before. Of course he's collapsed currencies. He's considered an economic war criminal in some parts of the world.

But even O'Reilly was skeptical of Beck's assertions. "OK, but I don't see him as the power that you see him," O'Reilly said. "I think he's trying. I think he's trying."

O'Reilly asked Beck to provide more information about the alleged "shadow government," saying, "If you tell me where they live, I'll go to their house."

In what appeared to be a nod to the ridiculous nature of Beck's conspiracy theory, O'Reilly aired a clip of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil towards the end of the segment.


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