Glenn Beck Offers Herman Cain Dating Advice (VIDEO)

Herman Cain is facing the latest charge in a series of sexual allegations, and Glenn Beck has helpfully weighed in with some dating advice for the GOP candidate.

On Tuesday, Beck's email to his mailing list had the subject: "Dating 101: Glenn tells Cain how to handle the ladies." The message wondered, "Are people just trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame or is Herman Cain as prolific a scorer as Wilt Chamberlain?"

"What are the types of situations at work that are acceptable to engage in and which are unacceptable?" the email continued.

Beck made his position on that clear on his radio show. "I'd be a fool as a CEO or a head of a company to have dinner with a good friend who is also an employee," he said. "I'd be foolish to do that."

He argued that women and men do not think the same way, and pointed to one key example: "I've been trying to tell my daughters, who will tell me, 'Dad, he’s just a friend.' Is he? He’s 17 years old and he’s just a friend? Really? If he's gay, I buy it. If he's not, no, he's not. No, he's not. He wants sex. Period. Women and men think differently."

Beck also said that Cain had to be "the dumbest man in the world" if the alleged thirteen-year affair between him and accuser Ginger White did take place. "Of course that's gonna come out," he said.

Watch (h/t Politico):

Later, on "The O'Reilly Factor," Beck and Bill O'Reilly both agreed that Cain cannot recover from the latest allegations.

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