Global Newspaper Circulation Falls For Second Consecutive Year

Global newspaper circulation fell in 2010 for the second consecutive year according to the World Press Trends report released on Thursday. The report recorded fallen circulation for the first time ever in 2009.

While World Press Trends reported a 2% circulation decline in 2010, the news was not all bad. The decline demonstrated a shift in news consumption habits among consumers, rather than a steer away from newspapers. According to the Journalism UK site, "the report added that 'what has been lost to print has been more than made up by digital newspaper readers,'" and also stated that "internet consumption is increasing worldwide."

News junkies used the internet to view various news sources and news mediums which made loyal readers more scarce than in years past.

North America reported the largest decline in newspaper circulation while circulation in the Asia Pacific region grew by 7 percent. According to World Press Trends, Japan was the worldwide leader in newspaper sales.

Though newspapers introduced pay walls and the Wall Street Journal reported that the online advertising business was expected to become the second largest "advertising medium by revenue," the problem remains that newspapers were still more profitable as print publications than in their online form.

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