Here's What Video Games Will Look Like On Google Glass


Despite the more salacious Google Glass apps that have garnered attention lately, Google developers have been working on a more PG use for the device: gaming.

Google released five Glass minigames Monday to inspire more developers to create games specifically tailored to the device's unique needs, according to a Google Developer's blog post. The augmented reality games range from "Tennis," in which players tilt their heads to move their rackets, to "Clay Shooter," in which voice commands release in-game clay pigeons and shoot them once they're airborne.

The games are simple and colorful, and they're built to use the device's accelerometer, gyroscope and voice activation, the post notes.

These are not the first games built specifically for the device -- others like BrickSimple's multiplayer Battleship-like game called "GlassBattle" and AMA's puzzle game "Escape" came before them -- but they do offer a glimpse of how games for Glass could take mobile gaming beyond just tilting or tapping on a screen.

Whether any of these are actually fun to play remains a mystery, as Google Glass is still not yet available to the public. (Bummer, right?)

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