With Google Keep, Google Tries To Kill Evernote

If you like Evernote, you'll love a cooler Evernote. At least that's what Google's banking on. Google just announced and released its new organizational app: Google Keep. Evernote's app is highly rated and extremely popular, so Google has some stiff competition. Google presented Keep in a blog post on Wednesday, and the features look impressive.

With Keep, users can write and organize to-do lists and notes and take and store photos. Perhaps most exciting (and most prone to failure) feature is the voice transcribing function. Like Evernote, Google Keep syncs your information between accounts. Also like Evernote, which uses Google's servers to transcribe spoken text on Android, Google Keep will type out what you say if you're not in the mood to use your hands. Google's transcription tech, as far as we can tell, is on par with Apple's Siri.

So what makes Google Keep stand out from Evernote? It may just be the fact that it's made by Google -- meaning its potentially integration into other Google products, like Gmail or Google Calendar, and that clean design Google is slowly becoming known for.

Google "accidentally" leaked Google Keep a few days ago, so the release is not a big surprise. The app is available for download right now via Google Play. Google Keep is only available for devices running Android 4.0 or above, but you can edit and create Keep notes online in Google Drive for now.



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