Google Launches Real Time Search: See It HERE (VIDEO)

Google Real-Time Search: See Demonstration HERE (VIDEO)

Google has unveiled new search features at its December 7, 2009 Search Event.

Among several other new search options, such as the Google Goggles, that will debut, Google has shared its new concept for real-time search.

See a demonstration of the new real-time search feature in the video below. Follow Google's search event live on Twitter with the hashtag #googlesearch, or watch it live here.

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UPDATE 2:16PM ET: Google has reportedly also struck deals with Facebook and MySpace for their new real-time search feature. Mashable reports:

Google's announced that they've inked partnerships with both Facebook and MySpace to pull in data in real-time. For Facebook, that means public Facebook Pages, and for MySpace, it means any stream data that is publicly available. This is on top of the partnership that the company announced with Twitter back in October.

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UPDATE 3:28PM ET: Facebook (@Facebook) Tweeted the following at 2:56PM ET:

We're working with Google to offer real-time search of public content on Facebook Pages.

Read about real-time search on Google's official blog here.

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