'Grey's Anatomy': Why Did Bailey Ditch Her Own Wedding To Save A Patient? (VIDEO)

Doctors will generally do anything to save the life of their patient. So it's not always easy to read the reasons why the might drop everything in their own lives to try and save another. On "Grey's Anatomy," there were certainly a lot of questions raised when Bailey bailed on her own wedding to help Richard's wife, Adele.

She was headed to the wedding when Richard got the call that Adele was very sick. With nary a moment's hesitation, Bailey was right there with Richard, rushing to the hospital. Once there, Bailey jumped into action, never mind that she was in her wedding dress. She threw back the veil and got ready to work.

At least she started yelling for someone to get her out of that dress, so that she could work. But what about her poor fiance, Ben? He was left standing at the altar thinking Bailey had gotten cold feet and run out on him. Surely all of this will be explained to him, but did cold feet motivate her to abandon her wedding and take care of Adele instead?

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