Group Calls For People To Only Support Black Businesses On Friday

NON Worldwide created their own version of Black Friday to urge consumers to buy black.

In the aftermath of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, black people aren’t just marching in the streets to enact change, they’re putting their dollars back into their own communities.

NON Worldwide, a collective comprised of artists from the African diaspora, has called for a new kind of Black Friday in which participants exclusively support black-owned businesses on July 15.

“It is important both locally and globally that we show how much Black Lives Matter by supporting Black Lives with our Money,” they wrote on Facebook. “This is an important factor in terms of taking steps towards generational healing and cleansing as well as a redirection of resources.”

“Take Pride in your task,” the post continues. “It is a powerful act of Justice that will never be forgotten. This is a Historical Worldwide Event. Plan your day accordingly.”

The organizers request that customers let store owners and employees know why they’re doing business with them on Friday and show them the event flyer. On their Facebook page, they also list several directories for consumers to find black-owned businesses in their area and online.

NON Worldwide asks that participants of Black Friday show black store owners this flyer.
NON Worldwide asks that participants of Black Friday show black store owners this flyer.

Some people are calling for other ways to help boost black-owned business. Some black people (not affiliated with Non) have called for a temporary economic boycott of white-owned corporations. People have also opted to move their money into black-owned banks and credit unions, including Solange Knowles.

Black people are using these forms of protest to keep money circulating through the black community and to push for economic equality. Despite black Americans having an estimated $1.3 trillion in buying power, a single dollar stays in the black community for only six hours compared to 17 days in the white community and 30 days in the Asian community.

Through these initiatives, more and more black people are putting their money where their mouth is and demanding change with their dollars.

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