Groupon Stock Drops Below $9, Is Worth Less Than $6 Billion Google Offered

Groupon stock hit an all-time low Monday, dropping below $9. The stock price represents more than a 55 percent decline from the daily-deal company's IPO price of $20.

According to Google Finance, this $9 stock price puts Groupon's market cap at less than $6 billion -- the amount Google offered to purchase Groupon for in late 2010.

With Groupon's recent struggles and stock dips, we can't help but wonder if the Groupon team would have been better off taking Google's deal and walking away with a hefty payout.

"It would have been the biggest acquisition in Internet history," according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ultimately, Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason and chairman and co-founder Eric Lefkofsky opted for the risk over the payday and pulled out of the deal with Google. Groupon went public in November with an initial stock offering priced at $20.

Since then, the company has watched the ebb and flow of the stock, from its first low in November following a three-day decline to last week's dive after the end of the IPO lock-out period.

Groupon's stock price dive last week was not without precedent: Remember how Linkedin's stock price tumbled at the end of its lock-out period? However, the steady downward slope of Groupon's stock does not appear to be waning any time soon with the stock's new all-time-low this week.

While Groupon's stock price is now less than half of what it was when the stock began trading publicly, all may not be lost. As Business Insider's Henry Blodget writes, the stock is becoming more attractive at this point, "where the potential upside offsets the additional downside risk."

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