Gun Control And Campus Safety: How To Prevent Mass College Shootings (VIDEO)

As the Obama administration begins a push for the president's new gun control proposals, college presidents are speaking out, declaring their opposition to state efforts to force them to allow guns on their campuses. But after a shooting this week at Lone Star Community College, which left four people hospitalized, some people say allowing firearms on campus would make schools safer.

Texas lawmakers and student gun rights advocates said it showed there is a need to allow students to carry concealed weapons on campuses.

Would it?

The 2007 massacre at the Virginia Tech University remains the deadliest mass school shooting in American history. So what has been learned from that tragedy, and the other campus shootings since then, that would improve campus safety?

To discuss these issues, HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman spoke with HuffPost assistant editor Tyler Kingkade; David Burnett, director of Public Relations for Students For Concealed Carry; Edward Summers, Chief Of Staff at Union College; Kristina Anderson, a Virginia Tech survivor and founder of the Koshka Foundation; and Robert Dahlstrom, Chief of Police at The University of Texas at Austin.

Watch the discussion in the video above.



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