H1N1 Politiku

Shortly after my friend, Rachel Levy suggested I do an H1N1 Politiku, she began to blog about it herself.

Rachel's smart, fair, well researched analysis of the situation inspired me to attempt to corral a legion of literary inclined epidemiologists and academics to give their take on the pseudo-sci-anti-vax-contingency.

The pseudo-sci-anti-vax-contingency, being the motley assortment of anti-elitist, maverick, truthers, intent on standing up to the power they perceive to be the H1N1 vaccination advocates.

Thanks to Katie Couric, as well as the former Alaska State Governor, herself, Sarah Palin's ignorance was easy to expose. The ignorance of the anti-Darwinist proponents of Intelligent Design is likewise, recognizable, debunkable and avoidable as they tend to cluster in nutty but isolated communities.

Frenzy stirring, snake oil peddlers, vying to leverage our nation's very legitimate as well as unfortunately abuseable frustration with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, however are not as obvious. Swine flu is an invisible yet highly contagious and potentially deadly strain of flu. Individuals and families who refuse vaccinations could eventually -- should the disease continue to proliferate -- become a threat to public health.

Although I have no problem -- and in some individual cases might even condone -- supplementing western health care with alternative practices such as yoga, acupuncture, feng shui, massage, meditation and Politiku supplement does not mean substitute.

Given how difficult it is to get a hold of the H1N1 vaccination, it is understandable that frustrated consumers might be drawn to alternative routes. Between now and when the vaccination is finally made available to the general public, hang in there, use hand sanitizer and avoid walking petri dishes -- ie, toddlers with runny noses-- if you have the option.

Individuals with special medical conditions can get access to the vaccination now in locations where it is available. Best strategy for scoring a vax of your own is checking in with the local providers several times a week knowing that eventually your phone call will coincide with a new shipment. Thanks to the new Google flushot finder feature local H1N1 vaccination centers are even easier to track.

The physicians, academic and vaccination advocates who responded to my shout-out are now featured along side Rachel's H1N1 Politiku. Click here for the holiday season Politiku topic.

Rachel Levy Politiku
The vax mayn't be sure
But don't defer to hucksters
Turn ears to reason

Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D. Politiku

My present this year
Hearing new stupid reasons
For shunning vaccines

Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Preventative Medicine and Community Health at SUNY Downstate & author of the Guide to Sexually Transmitted Diseases at About.com

Tania Sole Politiku
H I N I Flu
What to do about the Flu
Vaccine Vaccine Yes

Tania Sole is the Founder of physyKO a medical and healthcare forum and coop. She is currently working on health care policy development, has written several eBooks on health care policy and is in the process of completing an autobiographical book on her own experiences with health care systems not only in the US but worldwide.

Wei-Shin Lai, MD Politiku
Vaccine stops porcine virus
So why no health care

Wei-Shin Lai is a University Physician at Penn State University where there have been thousands of H1N1 cases (no deaths) and FREE mass vaccinations.

Deborah Hord Politiku
My job required it.
I had to get the vaccine.
Ohhhh, I hate needles!

Deborah Hord is a nursing student who will complete her BSN degree in a few months.

Stephen M. Wilson Politiku
If Frost only knew
neither fire nor ice, but
a new strain of flu

Trulyfool Politiku

Swine Flu feeds on lungs
Nature's viral breakfasting -
Petrarch beat the Plague

Susanna Speier H1N1 Politiku

So you think you will
stay immune through...exercise?
Disinfect the weights!