Halloween Weddings: Fab Or Frightening? (PHOTOS)

LOOK: 8 Non-Tacky Ways To Have A Halloween Wedding

By Jenny Tiegs | GalTime.com

A bridal party dressed as fairies and pirates? Freshly carved pumpkin centerpieces? Frankenstein groom and a equally frightening bride? A hand-tied bouquet crawling with rhinestone spiders?

Halloween weddings are a real thing, and it might be the theme of your upcoming nuptials.

We checked in with Nadia Digilov, author of best-selling wedding book, "Getting Married in New York," to find out how to plan an All Hallow's Eve affair that's more treat than trick.

“A wedding is a celebration of a marriage between a couple and therefore should not be confused with a tacky Halloween party," Digilov said. Instead, Digilov encourages the couple to infuse the holiday spirit with subtle touches that can add the aura of mystery and romance to the wedding day.

"Anytime I tell people I had a Halloween wedding, they always kind of laugh," explains newlywed of two years and teacher Meghan Robison.

So why would she or anyone else set a wedding date of October 31?

"Halloween has long been a favorite in my family," explains Robison. "We decorate our houses for Halloween the way most people would decorate for Christmas. We both have Halloween trees -- mine was actually a wedding gift from my parents. Halloween is non-stressful, involves no gift-giving or expectations, and it lets creativity and magical imagination run wild!"

To keep it all organized (and not kitschy), Robison organized her ideas on inspiration boards (remember how we did this pre-Pinterest?) and kept on track with a binder so she or a vendor weren't tempted to get too crazy.

This is the trick with a Halloween wedding: Celebrating the holiday and the marriage without crossing the line into tacky territory. Of course, you'll want a bit of "wow" -- that's what Halloween is all about. Digilov suggests doing this while still keeping the event elegant.

Here's what our wedding expert Digilov and holiday-enthusiast Robison advise to making the event gorgeous, not ghastly.

Halloween Weddings

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