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Hangover Cures: How To Look Your Best (When Hungover)

Holiday party season is upon us. GIRD YOUR LOINS.

Holiday party season is upon us. But with an event almost every night until the end of the year, you're probably looking a little less for wear. Fear not, revelers. There's a few useful tricks you can employ to beat hangovers, or at least make them more bearable. And for the mornings you wake up not looking like a million bucks, there's a workaround for that, too.

As we see in the BellaSugar video above, fighting a hangover involves a two-prong attack. Take necessary measures the night before: Leave a pack of calming face wipes by your nightstand before you go out. (This means the likelihood that you remove your makeup tonight has increased exponentially.) But while you're there, you might as well place two full glasses of water. This is kind of a big one, and you will thank yourself in the morning. When you get home that night, prop an extra pillow under your head. This will help any excess fluid drain, which means you'll look less puffy in the morning.

In the A.M. (or P.M. depending) the next day, you're going to want to take a steaming hot shower. Don't do that. Keep the water lukewarm, since high temperatures only exacerbate puffiness. Another trick is to place a black tea bag on eyes; the caffeine from the tea helps reduce undereye circles. Next up, apply a super hydrating face cream which will bring back much-needed moisture. Any makeup you put on should be cream-based, which will help you fake a healthy glow (even if you feel like death).

How do you fight hangovers? Tell us in the comments, we'll take all the help we can get these days. Meanwhile check out nine foods that improve dry skin and hair.

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