This Accidental 'Hannah Montana' Reunion Will Fill You With Happiness

Sweet niblets!

They may get the limo out front, but two “Hannah Montana” stars opted to hoof it instead.

Emily Osment, who played Lilly on the show, was out for a hike in Los Angeles earlier this week when she bumped into her former co-star Jason Earles. Earles played Miley Cyrus’ on-screen brother, Jackson, for five years.

“Look who I ran into on my hike today!” Osment tweeted on Monday, sharing a sweet snap of the dynamic “Hannah Montana” duo. 

If we had to describe fans’ reactions to the reunion in one word, that word would be “shook.”

Some fans were blown away by the coincidental run-in.

Others were simply overcome with emotion.

But everyone could agree on one point: It’s about dang time we got a “Hannah Montana” reunion.

Maybe this mini-meetup will spark a larger on-screen reunion? Now THAT would be the best of both worlds.