Hanukkah 'Shake It Off' Is The Redo That No Other Can Hold A Candle To


Music for the Festival of Lights just got a lot catchier.

The New York City-based a cappella group Six13 made a Hanukkah version of "Shake It Off," and it's making a splash on YouTube.

The group substitutes the chorus "shake it off" with "Hanukkah," sprinkling in lyrics such as "made a dreidel out of clay clay clay clay clay, when it's ready I will play play play play play play."

Hanukkah, the eight-day holiday that begins Tuesday at sundown, celebrates the outnumbered Maccabees' victory over their Greek oppressors in the second century B.C.E. Or, as Six13 puts it, "Back in 160 BCE, Lived Judah Maccabee. His army was so weak, but they still beat the Greeks."

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