Harlem Shake Bookmarklet Transforms Any Webpage Into A Thumpin' Party

Do the HuffPost shake!

Basically, you drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarkets bar on your Chrome bar, and when you click it, it transforms the page you are on into a giant representation of the Harlem Shake. One element of the page will start rumbling to the song; and when the beat in the song drops, it is joined in rumbling by every other element on the page.

To give you an idea of what this looks like, here's a montage of several popular websites, Harlem Shaking:

The Harlem Shaker was created by the wizards at Moovweb as a Valentine's Day gift to the Internet. (Aww, you shouldn't have!)

To try it out, go to this site and follow the instructions therein. You'll need to be running Google Chrome to join in on the fun. (To get you started, I recommend the HuffPost homepage, Pitchfork.com and Pinterest as sites to get you started.