Harrison Ford Hasn't Seen Any 'Expendables' Films, Confirms He'll Appear In Part 3

Harrison Ford confirmed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that he'll appear with Sylvester Stallone in "The Expendables 3." Just don't expect him to research the role by adding "The Expendables" and "The Expendables 2" to his Netflix queue.

In an interview with host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, Ford said that he's never even seen a film in the franchise -- this despite agreeing to co-star.

"Why ... why would I go?” Ford joked to Kimmel. After the host said he'd help "catch" Ford up on the comings and goings in the series, Ford demurred and said that he wasn't actually interested. Watch the clip above.

Ford has become increasingly outspoken of late. In an interview with Adam Sternbergh for The New York Times Magazine, Ford said that events like Comic-Con rob audiences of the chance to discover films on their own, and that "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" wouldn't have had the same cultural impact in modern times.

"Everyone would be ahead of it, and everybody would know what it was, and it would be no fun at all," Ford said, before slamming Comic-Con. "I think the success of Comic-Con is based on the partnership between the fans and the service providers, the entities -- I won’t necessarily call them filmmakers -- that supply the film product that supports their particular interest, whether it’s vampires or science-fiction fantasies or Transformers or whatever is going on." Ford was at this year's edition of Comic-Con with "Ender's Game," the upcoming adaptation of Orson Scott Card's young adult novel.

As for "The Expendables 3," Ford will join Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas in the film's cast.

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