The Stories Behind 3 Of America's Most Haunted Houses


Step inside some of the country's most haunted properties -- if you dare.

By Hunter Harris and Stephanie Parra

  • Molly Brown House Museum
    <strong>Location: </strong>Denver 
<strong>Spirits in Residence:</strong> The "Unsinkable Molly Brown," famous for s
    Denver Public Library
    Location: Denver

    Spirits in Residence: The "Unsinkable Molly Brown," famous for successfully escaping the Titanic, and her husband, J.J.

    Spook Sightings: Visitors to the home, which is now a museum, have reportedly spotted a woman in Victorian dress rearranging chairs at the dining room table and caught whiffs of J.J.'s pipe and cigar smoke. And every October, the security system goes on the fritz.
  • Berclair Mansion
    <strong>Location: </strong>Berclair, Texas 

<strong>Spirits in Residence: </strong>At least one of the five Wilkinson sister
    Paul Iverson/Corpus Christi Caller-Times/AP Photo
    Location: Berclair, Texas Spirits in Residence: At least one of the five Wilkinson sisters (who all lived in the home) and "a man hiding in the attic"; caretakers think he may be a Confederate Civil War deserter. Spook Sightings: In 1999, after standing empty for some 30 years, the 22-room home opened as a museum, where repairmen say they've seen female figures sleeping in beds and waving from windows and heard doors closing in empty rooms.
  • Deering Estate at Cutler
    <strong>Location: </strong>Miami 

<strong>Spirits in Residence:</strong> The inhabitants of the tribal burial ground lying b
    Brian F. Call Photography
    Location: Miami Spirits in Residence: The inhabitants of the tribal burial ground lying beneath part of this 444-acre estate, once home to farm-machinery magnate Charles Deering and now a cultural center. Spook Sightings: One ghost hunter claims she recorded 60 paranormal voices on the property; other visitors say they've heard drums, glimpsed a woman motioning for help at the boat basin and seen furniture shift. And a visitor wrote a poem here, with phrases that mirrored those in Deering's personal journals.



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