Health Care Reform: Deep Twitter Thoughts on The Health Care Vote

  • John Boehner looks like a naughty frat boy showing off in front of "bro's" when he shouts "Hell's no"
  • Less than ten votes btwn civilization & Nazi Communist Black Panther Muslim Socialist government takeover!
  • "No You Can't" should be GOP slogan
  • "It is the responsibility of this house 2 defend these [unborn] children" til they r actually born, @ which point they're on their own/ freeloaders
  • Stupak is like a boyfriend who starts saying all the right stuff after you've decided to break up with him.
  • Stupak acknowledges that democrats are better on life from birth-death. I'm fine letting anti-choice people think they're better for a few months.
  • The Republicans "born babies-senior citizens-killers." But it doesn't have the same ring as "Baby-Killer."
  • OMG! The person who yelled "baby killer" @ Stupak had a southern accent. i CAN'T believe it.
  • OK. The person who called Stupak "baby killer" was me. I couldn't help it!
  • The President is on TV! do we still call him president? Or is it officially the fuhrer? Or Comrade in Chief?
  • Getting onto subway. I REALLY hope people aren't waiting in bread lines &/or speaking Russian when i get out.
  • A great metaphor for the difference btwn MSNBC & FOX: MSNBC still covering healthcare and FOX has moved onto TMZ.
  • In all fairness 2 GOP & their sour grapes, rich white men advocating 4 rich white men r not used 2 losing. But they did 2nite!

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